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02 February 2010 @ 09:45 pm
ugly betty 4.12  
FASTEST BATCH EVER. That's all I can say about what I'm posting. I've started making this icons last Monday, I ended only today. I know there are not so many icons, but considering my usual working times, I can assure you that my new personal record has been reached. I guess it's thanks to the particular subject of this batch.. 

Ugly Betty
[001-027] 4.12 - Blackout! (Daniel/Wilhelmina)

- Do not steal or claim as yours.
- Comments are nice, credit is fair.
- Do not nodify. Textless are NOT bases.

(The source of your issue. Sexual Tension) @ f_plastic_snow 

I'm feeling: confusedconfused
Hit of the week: Wait it out - Imogen Heap